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First grab Dirt 3 from somewhere. Remember if you purchase Dirt 3 from Steam it just will not work and good luck getting a refund from them. What it fails to tell you is you need to install Games for Windows before you install Dirt 3

Once that is done, you're ready to set this up for VR.

Set-Up Instructions

The general site is http://www.vireio.com/

  1. Download the latest release version
    NOTE: This is a very new version but so far great with me. It allows you to specify which screen your DK2 resides, see screen shot in step 4 below.
  2. Once you have the .zip downloaded, expand the .zip into a folder and run the VirieoPerceptionProfiler.exe under the /Bin folder
  3. Ensure your Dirt3 is pointing to the correct location as follows:

    The default Dirt 3 location is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\DiRT 3
  4. Within the same /Bin right click Perception.exe and select Run As Administrator
    You should then be presented with this screen:

    This new version allows you to specify the exact monitor to send to. Very cool!
  5. Finally, you need to force the game into DirectX9 mode instead of DirectX11
    Go to "C:\Users\your user name\Documents\My Games\DiRT3\hardwaresettings" [This varies depending on if Steam or not] and right click on "hardware_settings_config.xml" and click EDIT. Look for:
    directx forcedx9="false"
    Change "false" to "true" to force DirectX9
  6. Final step, launch Dirt 3. Enjoy Dirt 3 in VR!
NOTE: If you run into any problems. You can also copy the following .dlls (d3d9.dll, hijackdll.dll, libfreespace.dll, VRboost.dll) from your perception /bin folder into your steam folder which is probably: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\DiRT 3

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this helped me, with the previous version could get this to work. with this alpha version, yes! 
Pretty fun in VR


"Final step, launch Dirt 3. Enjoy Dirt 3 in VR!" 

From where ? the steam link ? I have followed all your instructions but the game always start on my computer screen and not on the rift .. 
I have tried both direct and extended mode , same result .... 


You can launch from wherever you have it installed. If using Steam then simply launch from Steam. 
Which version of Vireio are you using? I notice their latest version 2.1.6. crashed upon loading. However the version I link to in step number 1 does work. 
In the third drop down in VIREIO does it show DK 2 (Step 4 above)?

I have tried version 2.0.6 / 2.1.6 / 2.1.1 
Same result , game wont launch in my dk2 and crashed at start up 

I am using a triple screen nvidia surround setup + my dk2 . 

All my others dk2 games works ok .... weird

Try disabling the other monitors so you just have your main monitor and the DK2 only. 
Similar to this: 


yes this partly resolve the issue but I do not have an oculus vision then , just a normal screen split onto my two different eyes inside my dk2 .. 

Try both primary and extended now you have disabled the other monitors. See if any give you joy.

BTW. Dirt Rally is now available for early access. You could try that too!


I gave up .... everything I tried did not worked ......

Sorry to hear that. Sometimes configs just require a lot of troubleshooting! 
You can try Assetto Corsa, that one is pretty good (although no VR menus) 


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