How to Set Up VIREio For The Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 DK2


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Many of you are probably aware of vorpx that allows you to play regular games within the DK2. However that driver is not free and they only just recently released their DK2 update. For those trying to save money (and who isn't) there is a cheaper alternative, actually better than cheaper, it's free!
VIREio is open source so even the source code can be downloaded if you wish to make your own tweaks. VIREio allows you to play games such as Portal, Dirt 2&3, Mirrors Edge (great if you're scared of heights).
So far I've tried and tested on the following games in the DK2:

  • Skyrim (Run in extended mode)
  • Dirt 3 (Toggle VR boost Off at the end of each race or it may crash)
    Remember if you purchase Dirt 3 from Steam it just will not work and good luck getting a refund from them. What it fails to tell you is you need to install Games for Windows before you install Dirt 3
    Download Games For Windows
  • Left4Dead2

Set-Up Instructions

The general site is

  1. Download the latest release version
    NOTE: This is a very new version but so far great with me. It allows you to specify which screen your DK2 resides, see screen shot in step 4 below.
  2. Once you have the .zip downloaded, expand the .zip into a folder and run the VirieoPerceptionProfiler.exe under the /Bin folder
  3. Ensure your selected game points to the actual drive location, Dirt 3 is shown below as an example:

  4. Within the same /Bin right click Perception.exe and select Run As Administrator
    You should then be presented with this screen:

    This new version allows you to specify the exact monitor to send to. Very cool!
  5. Final step. Launch your game and enjoy it in VR!
NOTE: If you run into any problems. You can also copy the following .dlls (d3d9.dll, hijackdll.dll, libfreespace.dll, VRboost.dll) from your perception /bin folder into the same game folder you specified in step 3.