How To Setup and Configure Live For Speed On The Oculus Rift


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Live For Speed (LFS) On The Oculus Rift DK2

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Do you really want to deal with traffic, parking and crazy shoppers? No?
Good! Download Live for Speed and race around a track wearing your Oculus Rift. Better yet, it will cost you nothing!

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Live For Speed Setup
After the 0.6G Release of Live For Speed (LFS) there is full Oculus Rift Support. There is a great sense of scale, car interiors look good and full head-tracking is supported. The menus are what I call IMAX like with mouse support that works well.

  • Oculus Configuration Utility - Set your Rift to extended mode
  • Windows Display - use extended desktop mode (not duplicated)
  • Set the DK2 to rotated mode in Windows (sometimes confusingly called portrait)
  • Check that the light on the front of the DK2 is blue (receiving signal)
  • Check that the DK2 part of the desktop has the correct orientation
  • Start LFS and click 3D on the View Options Screen
  • Select Oculus Rift and click OK
  • If all is well, LFS offers "Exit LFS to restart using the Rift"
  • Click OK to exit then when you restart LFS it should be in the Rift
Default Commands
F8 - Reset View

Forcing LFS Into RIft Mode or Non Rift Mode
Create a windows shortcut that points to your .exe with one of the following options:
LFS.exe /rift=on - try to go straight into Rift mode
LFS.exe /rift=off - do not go into Rift (ignores previous mode)

If, for any reason, LFS ends up on the Rift in 2D mode or with a black screen, you can get it back like this :
Method 1
  • Press ALT+F4 to exit LFS
  • Delete the file "card_cfg.txt" in your LFS folder, so LFS starts up on the primary device (usually your monitor)
    Or launch it with your non rift shortcut from previous step.
  • After starting LFS again you can try to enter 3D mode again
Method 2
When you set your rift to 3D mode in the options, change the Vertical Full Screen Sync to the other option. If No is selected, select Yes and vice versa.
This seems to force it into Oculus mode, after that it worked great (for me at least)

Cost FREE: In game purchases available
Barf Factor: 10/10 (No motion sickness)
Performance: 10/10 Max Settings
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf