How To Setup Sonar 360 Experience for Oculus Rift


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Games will be the primary use case for the first generation of VR headsets. However if movies makers have anything to do with it, they would love to bring movies, particularly 360 degree movies onto a VR headset near you.

In Sonar 360 an asteroid emerges from the darkness of space, sending out some kind of signal. A drone tries to locate the source and dives deep into an extensive cave system. Sonar 360 is a short 6 minute computer generated movie with an element of horror thrown in.

The overall affect is decent for a the current generation of 360 movies. As with most it does suffer a little from compression artifacts and of course the resolution of the DK2 does not help. However it is worth the download especially if you already have a VR player installed on your system. If not then you'll need to setup VRPlayer first. Any player capable of playing equirectangular LatLong videos will work.

Sonar 360 Oculus Rift Setup

  1. Download Sonar 360 for Oculus Rift from here
    They will send you a link for the file to download.
  2. Setup VRPlayer for Oculus Rift
  3. Open VRPlayer
  4. File Menu - Open file - with VLC... Open the downloaded file
  5. Set the following options from the Media menu option
    Media - Format - Mono
    Media - Projection - Sphere
    Media - Effects - None
  6. Set the Following options from the Device Menu
    Device - Layout - Side by side
    Device - Distortion - Barrel
    Device - Tracker - Oculus Rift DK2

Sit back with your favorite headphones and enjoy your video.

Sonar 360 - VRCircle Rating

VRCircle barf rating

Cost: FREE
Performance: 10/10 
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf