How To Use Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) To Allow Others To See What You See On The Oculus Rift


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"How To User Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) To Allow Others To See What You See On The Oculus Rift," has to be my longest title for an article yet. Yet it takes that much to really explain what I intend to show you.

If you ever host what I like to call an "Oculus party" where you tell your friends "Hey, I have this really cool Virtual Reality device called the Oculus Rift and it lets me fly in space, blah blah"

Your friends all come over drink some beer and watch each other stick a black box on their head. Yeah, not too much fun is it?
However if you duplicate what the Oculus user is seeing on your monitor. You can all enjoy what they are seeing and making them scream or say "ooooh and aaahhh"
So, enough intro, how do you do it?

There is a tool called Open Broadcaster Software or OBS. It is free, open source software for live streaming and recording.
As with most things open source, it may not be the most intuitive software and requires a few tweaks to get the most out of it.
Some of the key features are:

  • Encoding using H264 (x264) and AAC.
  • Support for Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV) and NVENC.
  • Unlimited number of scenes and sources.
  • Live RTMP streaming to Twitch, YouTube, DailyMotion, Hitbox and more.
  • File output to MP4 or FLV.
  • GPU-based game capture for high performance game streaming.
  • DirectShow capture device support (webcams, capture cards, etc).
  • Windows 8 high speed monitor capture support.
  • Bilinear or lanczos3 resampling.
OK great. So do you get this thing to work.

Setting up and Installing OBS

Download OBS Free

  • Install OBS from the link above and open it
  • You now have two list boxes for Scenes and Sources
  • You need to create a scene and then a source.
  • Right Click on Scenes and select Add Scene call it whatever you like Scene 1
  • Right click Sources, Add then select Game Capture call that say Source 1
  • To minimize the impact of duplicating another screen on your GPU & CPU. Adjust the FPS to say 10
    Click on settings, Video and change FPS to say 10
  • Now start your game.
  • You may now need to alt-tab to the tool after. 
  • On your Source entry, right click and select properties
  • In the Application drop down select the game you wish to duplicate, Elite Dangerous for example.
  • Then click the start streaming button.
Now you can enjoy your "Oculus Party"