How To Watch YouTube on the Oculus Rift



How To Watch YouTube on the Oculus Rift

I have already featured how to watch NetFlix on the Oculus Rift. But since I've had requests for YouTube How-To's, I figured a dedicated page is warranted. The procedure is the same as for NetFlix.

First, head on over to my Virtual Desktop download and setup page to install the Virtual Desktop (My favorite app)

After you have the virtual desktop installed, watching YouTube from within the virtual desktop is pretty straightforward:
  • First, bring up a browser and browse to YouTube. DO NOT open the Windows 8 Metro YouTube app. This just displays a black screen. Hit F11 to go full screen or select the full screen icon from within YouTube.
  • You can stick with the space background or change it the home theater background with cup holders!
    If you stop moving your mouse and keyboard the lights will dim.

Virtual Desktop For Oculus Rift DK2



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