How UPS Spoiled my Oculus Rift VR Weekend


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Good friends of mine are VR fans; many pre-ordered their headsets back in January. Even with the Oculus delays, many are now receiving their headsets or are estimated to receive them shortly. One such story goes like this.

Once upon a time, no wait, this is not a fairy tale with a happy ending.

Monday, May 16

Monday morning, after two months of delay finally received the much sought after e-mail from Oculus stating “Your order has been processed, and your Rift is almost on its way! Look for a shipping confirmation email with tracking information soon.”

Later that day, UPS notification arrived with an estimated delivery of Monday, May 23rd. Just missed Friday delivery, so no Rift for the weekend. However, wait, perhaps it may be possible to pick it up sooner?

Tuesday, May 17

Contacted UPS to determine if it is possible to pick up the package sooner (Via online UPS chat)
The helpful agent said it would be possible to pick up on Saturday morning between 10-12 at a location about 25 minutes away. However, the package is being delivered to a work address which does not match the DMV ID. 
No problem, UPS sent a form letter to be printed out on company letterhead stating the company authorizes pick up of the package:

Note: Customer Authorization Release Letters should be written on company letterhead.
ABC Company
123 Main Street
Anywhere, US 00000

To Whom It May Concern:

The bearer of this letter [INSERT EMPLOYEE NAME HERE] has been granted permission as a representative of [ABC Conpany] to accept on its behalf any package or packages delivered to your location.
Should you have any questions regarding this transaction, please feel free to contact;
____________________ at the following telephone number ____________________.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Yours Truly,
John Doe
Receiving Manager

Wednesday, May 18

The letter was written and signed by facilities manager. UPS tracking now shows:

The receiver arranged to pick up the package at a UPS facility.

Ready to go.

Wednesday, May 18 - Friday, May 20

Anxiously check the UPS tracking and watch it travel from Louisville, KY to Kansas City, KS, to Vernon, CA and finally arriving in Aliso Viejo, CA on Friday evening May 20.

Saturday, May 21 9:30 am

Barely able to sleep all night, start the drive to the UPS location in Aliso Viejo, CA, about 25 minutes away. Arrive at 9:55 am to find no one else in line.

Hand over ID, letter and tracking information. Palms sweaty with excitement. Then, disaster struck.

UPS agent said, “The package is scheduled for delivery on Monday and is locked in a room, and we do not have the key.”

“So there is no way to get in there?”

UPS agent “No way to get in there, even if we did, the room is filled with packages, and there is no way to find it.”

Left UPS office empty handed to spend the weekend in reality, rather than virtual reality. This is how UPS spoiled the weekend for an eager Oculus Rift fan. The wait continues for two more days.