HTC Adds Controllers, Base Stations and more to Accessory Store



HTC started selling some accessories for their premium HTC Vive headset back in June. At that time, the items were limited to face cushion, nose gasket, and the USB accessory cable.

HTC have added additional accessories to their store to include the purchase of base stations, motion controllers, link boxes and the proprietary 3-in-1 cables that shipped with the Vive.

The motion controllers are probably especially crucial since can easily be tossed across your physical room in the heat of a virtual firefight. Many users have experienced problems with the controllers wearing out too.

So how mich? The link box (with no power adaptor), retails for $29.99. The 3-in-1 cable is $39.99. The base stations go for $134.99 (with power adaptor) and finally each controller sells for $129.99.

They are not cheap, but at least people now have the option to replace a broken or worn part.

HTC Vive Accessory Store

WARNING: Speculation ahead

Oculus have yet to announce pricing for their controllers set to launch later this year. The Vive and Rift controllers although very different are essentially setting a price target for Oculus. I would guess the Rift controllers will retail for between $200-$300 which would place the entire Rift package in the same ballpark price range as the HTC Vive.



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