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HTC updates their Focus System and Streams PC Content to Focus Headset

HTC during its annual VIVE Ecosystem Conference (VEC2018) today in Shenzhen, China. HTC made several announcements to its VR ecosystem.

HTC announced an update to their Vive Focus system with update 2.0.
Vive Focus users are now able to receive messages, social notifications and take calls on their HTC smartphones without taking off their headset. This allows users to stay in touch with the outside world while immersed in VR.

For Vive Focus users who want to more traditional premium VR content. HTC demonstrated the ability for PC VR content from Viveport or Steam to wirelessly stream to the Vive Focus via a 5GHz Wi-Fi network. HTC enabled this by an optimized version of the Riftcat VRidge application that takes advantage of the higher resolution and refresh rate of the Vive Focus which can be downloaded on the Viveport M store today. Vive Focus users can now enjoy a library of hundreds of supported premium VR titles without any wires and without any special accessories.

In sporting news... HTC announced a new partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB), the professional American baseball league, to kick off a series of collaborations in China, including the Baseball Park roadshow across more than 10 major cities and the "Perfect Pitch" reality TV show on the Tencent video network. Baseball has recently emerged to become a growing sport trend for post-millennials in China. MLB has found that VR helps both to increase popular interest for the sport amongst this audience and is a great training tool to help youth improve their skills.

"We are proud of this exciting new partnership with HTC that will bring virtual reality technology to two important MLB fan engagement initiatives in China,"

said Jim Small, MLB Vice President, Asia Pacific.

"This cooperation provides MLB with important support to grow the game in China and it delivers an exciting new way for fans to enjoy MLB action."