HTC Offers $10 Million fund to help change the world


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VR for impact is what HTC are calling their latest fund with $10 million is cash available. The fund is for creators to produce virtual reality content that highlights key sustainability issues around the world.  If you’re developing a VR title, on any platform, which promotes one or more of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals - thenHTC want to hear from you. They want to see your prototypes, tell the world about your creation and potentially, help you with funding in some form.

Some of the example experiences include:

  • Understand everyone. Walk a mile in another person’s shoes. Experience war zones, celebrations, life, death and everything in-between. Creating empathy for every human experience is a new frontier in VR.
  • Educate through experience. Bring history to life in the most immersive way yet possible. Place people inside math equations. Unlock the microscopic world. Witness the Big Bang, then rewind and let it happen again.
  • Work in new ways. See your industrial project from inside and out. Collaborate with colleagues, going way beyond the whiteboard in real time and real space. Open up the ‘sharing economy’ in whole new ways.
  • Travel to the impossible. Get closer to ancient ruins than you ever could in real life. Go instantly to any point on the globe, or the solar system, or beyond. Experience environments inhospitable for human life. Go on safari as one of the animals. 
  • Make medicine become magic. Visualize the human body at a definition never witnessed. Operate from anywhere. Bring clarity to the confused, sight to the blind and relief to those in pain. 
  • Reshape the planet. Warn the world of climate change, then show them the possibilities of a fossil-fuel free existence.