New HTC Products with GM of HTC Vive Dan O'Brien


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I spoke with Dan O'Brien, GM of HTC Vive who gave me the run down on the new products coming in 2017 and discusses software shown at CES 2017.

HTC Vive Wireless Tracker

The new HTC Wireless Tracker device allows Vive owners to add the tracker to any object allowing it to be trackable within the VR world. During CES I had one strapped to my arm and embedded into various guns. The tracker will have plenty of play time with around 6 hours of battery life. During my day with three different guns, the tracker worked flawlessly. In one demo the gun was fully rendered in game making it a truly unique experience. The wireless tracker is set for release in Q2 2017 with pricing TBD.

Deluxe Head Strap

The Deluxe headset strap allows integration of headphones within the Vive headset, so if you prefer, you will no longer need to deal with separate headphones. For those seeking a more integrated experience similar the Oculus Rift then this brings both products very close together. The head strap was not available to try at CES. We will keep you posted when we have a chance to try it.

TPCast Wireless HDMI/USB

The TPCast wireless HDMI device allows fully untethered connection to your PC. TPCast will be available in Q2 2017 for $249. The TPCast device will fully integrate with the existing Vive or the new Deluxe Head Strap. Check back tomorrow for my full coverage with TPCast on the HTC Vive at CES 2017.