HTC Vive Launch Titles Revealed?


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The HTC Vive will be in consumer hands this year with November the highly anticipated release month. However the release titles have not been discussed by either Valve or HTC.

However in a recent Snafu by Valve web site devs it appears that pictures of Vive Launch titles were found on the site. This does not mean they are confirmed as launch titles but does make them likely when you consider the games found. Alien: Isolation already includes Oculus Support albeit unofficially. Many of the others are already available 

DeveloperPossible HTC Vive Launch Title
ValveRobot Repair Human Diversity Outreach Program
ValveSecret Shop
RelicCompany Heroes 2
HBOGame of Thrones
OwlchemyJob Simulator: The 2050 Archive
Steel Wool GamesThe Quad VR
Creative AssemblyAlien: Isolation
HTCStep into Remarkable
GoogleGoogle Earth
Wemo LabsThe Blu: Encounter
Bossa StudiosSurgeon Simulator: Alien Invasion Super VR 64
Vertigo GamesSkyworld
Skillman & HackettTilt Brush
Fireproof GamesThe Room Archives
Cloudhead GamesThe Gallery

One of the images found for Alien: Isolation.
Alien Isolation htc vive