HTC Vive Pre-Orders Start February 29th



Following a week after the pre-orders of the Oculus Rift went live, HTC have announced when their room walking VR headset the Vive will be available for pre-order. Fittingly the Vive which allows you to walk around a small room in VR and even leap in VR will be available on a leap day, February 29th.

There is no word yet on pricing but after many expressed sticker shock at the Rifts' $599 price, VR fans can expect a similarly sized investment for the Vive.

Just as with the rift you'll need a decent PC to power the Vive. Unlike the Rift however you'll also need a room big enough to walk around without any obstacles, ideally 15'x15' in size.

Which VR device will you be ordering? The Rift or the Vive or waiting for PS VR? Let us know in the comments below.



Steven Paterson

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