HTC Vive Price is Targeting the Premium Market


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HTC Vive is the next big thing in VR, at least until Oculus announce their device. The Vive will be released into consumer hands by the end of this year, most likely November.

The $$$ question still remains however. How much will the HTC Vive cost?

It seems HTC is gradually allowing the news to escape regarding price and it appears it will not be cheap. An HTC executive is warning that consumers should be prepared for “a slightly higher price point” when the Vive is released to consumers later this year.

In an interview with trade publication MCV, HTC Connected Products Marketing Executive Director Jeff Gattis says the company wants “to deliver the most premium VR experience the world has seen.”

Starting with the premium experience, even if it has a slightly higher price point, is the right thing to do from a strategic point of view,

Gattis continues…

The price can always come down as the market grows. We know there is some pent-up demand there, so there’s not so much price sensitivity early on. But to get the broader consumer adoption we’re all hoping for, the industry will have to drive price down to make it more accessible. Whether we do that with Vive or other form factors and devices, we understand the importance of driving price down to achieve adoption.

What does “slightly higher price point” mean? The only pricing we’ve heard discussed amongst the big VR players is the Oculus Rift. The DK1 cost $300 and DK2 $350.

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey said last September that the company is aiming to “stay in that $200-$400 price range”.
So let’s assume $400 for Oculus Rift CV1.

HTC Vive I would hazard a guess to be $599 which for a ground breaking device with the potential to change forever the way we play games is a price I am certainly willing to pay. HTC knows this, and is likely to price accordingly.
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