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Humaneyes Technologies Takes VR Video Underwater with Vuze Camera

Humaneyes Technologies, makers of the Vuze VR Camera, were one of the first to release an affordable VR camera.

Humaneyes has continued to improve on the camera with enhancements to the software, including Mac support and the addition of an $2,995 underwater housing for the Vuze camera, allowing users to slip the case over the camera and take it with them to the bath tub, surfing or the Great Barrier Reef!


Summary of Vuze improvements:

  • Mac availability of the Vuze VR Studio software (in beta)
  • Improved stitch refinement and color adjustment tools in the software
  • A new under water case to allow VR video capture under water
  • A new Android and iOS app that gives users the ability to preview an image and video

Updates to the Vuze VR Studio software further simplify and increase the quality of rendered immersive content, including stitch refinement tools, simple color matching adjustments and more seamless image stitching for the eight full HD cameras used by the Vuze VR Camera.


Coming in 2018 is the ability to live stream your content. Imagine live streaming underwater from the Great Barrier Reef, and then a hungry looking shark arrives...