I hate weddings. Let's get married in VR?


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Today, I am heading to a wedding. Not my own, but a wedding of someone I have met once. It is one of those obligation things that all people in relationships have to do from time to time.

I am not excited about it. In fact, I pretty much hate the prospect, but I am putting on a smile and faking it well. It will take 1.5 hours in each direction to get there and back, along with 1 hour in a church and another approximately 4 hours at the reception eating mass produced barely hot enough rubber chicken. Good times indeed.

What if weddings could take place entirely in VR? This way, I could attend from my sofa and avoid the travel, terrible food and small talk with strangers.

A couple from Wales in the UK saved many of their friends and family a similar fate by hosting their wedding in VR. Elisa Evans, 46, and Martin Shervington, 44 teamed up with AltspaceVR to host their wedding in Virtual Reality.

Attendees of the wedding all appeared via avatars and danced under a red sky. The couple communicated with each other in voice and others via emojis. No word on how the wedding party dined, perhaps this is a good money saving idea as well?

Would you get married in VR? Let us know in the comments below.