Intel adding more VR staff to Sports Innovation Studio


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Intel continues to work on its merged reality headset code-named "Project Alloy" and is hiring to fill roles in its Sports Innovation Studio.

New Positions in VR with Intel

The following job description is a 6-month contract, based in Hillsboro, OR to work in the Sports Innovation Studio:

The available support needed is for the development and creation of VR based proof of concepts for the Sports Innovation Studio, which is a part of the Client Sports Group. The effort is for a six-month period and will be evaluated for extension towards the end of the term. The individual will be working with high end VR systems (HTC Vive) and creating applications which allow for dynamic content streaming based on head position and body location.

What is Merged Reality?

Project alloy aims to merge reality into VR to address some of the many problems with today's VR. Namely, your hands. Early demos of project alloy show real graphical representations of your hands from within VR, no controllers or gloves required. You can even hold an object in your hand and see that object from within VR as well.