Intel Developing Wireless Headset Tech for HTC Vive


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Intel is working with HTC to make their headset wireless and remove those pesky wires. Intel is working with their WiGig technology to make this possible. WiGig transmits on the 60 GHz band to deliver high-speed data transfer up to 7 Gbps using the IEEE 802.11ad standard. This means high-quality VR content with a claimed < 7 ms latency in any environment. The tech also supports multiple users sharing the same space.

Intel has not announced when this tech will be available. It may be some time before you'll be able to strap a WiGig headset on. Your best bet for wireless VR would be with TPcast, which is already shipping in China and awaiting US FCC approval.

Intel will have a proof of concept on display at their booth at the E3 conference in Los Angeles, CA from June 13-15. VRCircle will be in attendance to check this out!