iRacing Update Almost Brings Oculus Rift DK2 Support


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After the recent release of Assetto Corsa support for the Oculus DK2 we now have iRacing support in the Season 4 update.

The season 4 updates bring some pretty decent improvements not least of which is DK2 support.
Why do I say "Almost" in the title? Well unfortunately this does not include head tracking.
No head tracking you say? WTF! 

It is not that bad. The Oculus still uses positional tracking via the Rift's HMD orientation sensors and does work pretty well in my testing. There was no noticeable drift as you play. 
But does it work? Do I have to edit a bunch of stuff and sacrifice a farm animal to get this working?
Thankfully not. Here's how:

Starting up the game in Rift mode is pretty straight forward:

  1. Set the Rift in extended mode in the Oculus configuration tool
  2. Ensure the rift is on and start iRacing.
  3. Adjust graphic settings to make sure you stay above the 75 FPS golden target.
    I find it works best by setting the 
    frame rate cap to unlimited and disabling v-sync. Although some people I know say it works better with v-sync enabled. This seems very dependent on your machine specification so your mileage may vary.
  4. iRacing will ask you on start-up if you want to enable Rift mode
The menus are pretty well done. Overall the experience is pretty good even with the absence of head tracking. The developers are working on the head tracking so hopefully that will arrive soon.

If you want to try iRacing you can download from their site.

If you search around online you can find 3 month free discount coupons. See you in the races!