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Apple has been in the news recently and I do not mean because their iPhone sales are slowing. Rather they appear to have assembled a rather large VR team to work on secret projects. The secret research unit is rumored to comprise of hundreds of staff acquired through various acquisitions, all this according to the Financial Times. Some members are even "borrowed" from the Microsoft's HoloLens group.

Apple Rumored to be hiring for VR since 2014

Apple has confirmed their recent acquisition of a company called Flyby Media, a start-up that allows phones to can "see" the world around them. Flyby collaborated with Google to develop software for Project Tango 3D-mapping.

Some VR patents were revealed early last year along with various Apple job ads seeking software engineers to “create high performance apps that integrate with virtual reality systems for prototyping and user testing”.

Apple Granted VR Headset Patent

Prototypes VR Headsets Being Tested?

At this point nobody (except for Apple) really know what is being developed. It's unclear if Apple intends to complete with the likes of the Oculus Rift, Google CardboardSamsung Gear VR or HTC Vive. CEO Tim Cook said virtual reality is "really cool and has interesting applications,"

Those who follow Apple strategy know that Apple does not often bring a brand new product to market. Instead they prefer to perfect an already existing product spearheaded by others.

I look forward to see what Apple may be working on...