Is NVIDIA TITAN X The New Standard For VR?



GDC 2015, NVIDIA Announced a new Video Card the mighty Titan X.

The Titan X is now the world's most powerful GPU. Increasing the transistors count from 7 billion in last year's Titan Z to 8 billion. Titan X is powered by the NVIDIA’s new Maxwell architecture with 12 gigabytes of VRAM, just like the Titan Z.

Why is this important for VR fans? The Titan X drives the new VR Oculus Demo experience called Thief in the Shadows, a joint venture from Epic, Oculus and Weta Digital. The demo puts you in the shoes of someone exploring the dragon Smaug's treasure-filled cave from The Hobbit.

How much is the mighty Titan X expected to cost? A similarly mighty $1,349 (Rumored)



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