Kite and Lightning's Insurgent VR Demo



Kite and Lightning who brought us the excellent Senza Peso VR Demo. Just released their latest VR experience which allows you to become part of a blockbuster movie, Insurgent the follow up the hit movie Divergent.
Kite and Lightning worked with Lionsgate studios and added real characters, Kate Winslet & Mekhi Phifer from the Insurgent movie into the VR experience. The Insurgent VR experience is available for various VR headsets including Oculus Rift DK2, Google cardboard and Gear VR.

Download Insurgent Oculus Rift DK2
Download Insurgent for Cardboard Andriod
Download Insurgent for Cardboard iOS
Gear VR Download: Oculus Home on GearVR

Word of warning though. The download file is over 2GB in size.

Insurgent VR Demo Setup

  • Requires at least Oculus 0.4.4
  • Oculus Mode: Tested on Direct and Extended. Both OK
  • Unzip contents to a folder
  • Browse to \InsurgentVR-1.1.3-x64\WindowsNoEditor\Insurgent\Binaries\Win64
    Then run Insurgent.exe

Insurgent VR Demo Controls

Press 1 to play Medium Quality
Press 2 to play High Quality
Press R to recenter
Press Q to quit

Cost: Free
Barf Factor: 10/10
Performance: 10/10
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf



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