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Liminal VR Opens Up To Developers and Educators with Partnership Program

Hey, gamers! Has anyone else experienced getting lazy with the set up to play VR? This weekend, it took nearly 30 minutes to get my room set up to start playing games (I don’t have Oculus room scale mounted yet). It’s a rather laborious process to set up and start the PC, and by the time I’ve download updates, 30 minutes of my day have passed! Admittedly, I’m spending more and more time using my Google Daydream.

In my quest for more interesting content on Daydream, I came across Liminal VR. You may remember the article I wrote last year about Liminal’s partnership with Australia’s largest health insurance provider MediBank to bring a joyful VR experience to those in the hospital. I’m crazy about that idea and hope that catches on here in the U.S.

This year at VRLA, Liminal VR announced its new consumer psychology VR platform that will launch early next year. They have opened for applications to join their partnership program! Liminal’s goal is to create an eco-system for the VR community with short experiences to induce and augment cognitive and emotional states in people.

Their methods proved positive during live demos at VRLA. They offered two experiences called Ion and Ripple Effect. Users were asked to rate their moods before the experience so there would be a baseline mood for comparison. According to Nick Busietta, co-founder and Managing Director of Liminal VR, “The results are amongst the best we’ve seen so far. 80% of people reported feeling excited or cheerful after Ion. 79% of people identified as calm or relaxed after Ripple effect. The progressive tweaks and adjustments we make from our testing sessions are critical to the success of our experiences.”

Liminal VR results

Opening the program to developers through a Partnership Program could lead to many more amazing possibilities. Undeniably, I have monthly “mood” imbalances, or momentary lapses in sanity, and would find it useful to have VR experiences to calm my “crazy.” (C’mon lady gamers, can’t you relate?)

Developers, do you have a calm or energy experience for the platform? Educators, would you like to incorporate Liminal’s Psychology Documentation into your curriculum? Researchers, are you interested in contributing research to Liminal or doing advanced testing on the platform for research purposes? If so, please don’t miss this opportunity with Liminal’s Partnership Program.

To read the latest press release, check out this link.

Watch Liminal VR during the VRLA event: