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Living with TPCast Wireless HDMI and HTC Vive

I first tried the TPCast wireless device during CES 2017 in January. Now, a year later, the TPCast device has been shipping for a little over a month allowing VR fans to use their HTC Vive without any wires tethering them to a PC.
Many people have been very skeptical that wireless HDMI can work for VR. After a month of use, I can say wireless VR is a reality, and it is indeed glorious (with caveats)!

TPCast CES 2017

TPCast One Month Findings Pros & Cons

TPCast Pros:

  • Wireless VR without a cable to trip on and get twisted around you!
  • Greatly improves the feeling of immersion
  • Pretty easy setup (assuming you do not care about microphone, see cons)
  • Generally, the quality is excellent
  • Battery lasts about 5 hours. Plenty of time for a good VR session
  • Lightweight, perhaps even feels lighter since you no longer have a long cable attached.

TPCast Cons:

  • The microphone did not work when first released. However, with a $25 addition of OpenTPCast, this has now been resolved (Read More)
  • Sometimes, the transmitter makes a whining noise. The sound comes and goes.
  • There are sometimes lag and occasional compression issues. I have not found this happens often enough to be annoying but can be distracting when it happens
  • Setup is not simply putting it on. It sometimes requires a reboot, pulling out cables and back in again to get to work. OpenTPCast can greatly help here
  • Requires the TPCast router for your computer to connect. Not a deal breaker, but would be nice if not needed

Other Comments and Summary

If you’ve already invested the time and money in a high-end VR PC, HTC Vive, and the room space to support a VR experience. Then tweaking the wireless equipment to obtain a far greater immersion into you VR world will most likely be worth it. If you put in the time, it is pretty awesome.
However, if this is not for you, then I suggest waiting for generation two, or ever three.

VRCircle Hint: Installing the TPCast unit as high as you can in the play area will help to reduce/eliminate lag.