Magic Leap May Release $1,000 "Light-Field" AR Glasses This Year


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In a recent report from the Finacial Times Magic Leap is said to be releasing their Augmented Reality (AR) glasses this year for $1,000.

The video posted by Magic Leap last April showed a demo of what their technology could be capable of producing. The Magic Leap Light-Field glasses add augmented reality information such as graphics and information into the real world around you.

> The “light-field” eyewear is said to be smaller than Microsoft’s HoloLens, with a wider field of view, but larger than a regular pair of glasses

The AR glasses will be tethered to a small pack that provides battery and processing power, to put in a pocket or attach to a belt, and is likely to cost more than $1,000.

The Florida-based start-up has revealed little details outside of its video and declined to comment on the Financial Times article.