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Manus VR Gloves Available to Order

The Manus VR Development Kit is now available to order direct from their [site](https://manus-vr.com/order.php).

The Manus VR Development Kit is a high-end hand tracking glove that allows you to reach out and literally touch Virtual Reality. The gloves track your hands in near real-time and offer key solutions for training simulations, VR arcades and motion capture. The gloves are compatibles with the HTC Vive, Xsens, Vicon, PhaseSpace and OptiTrack, no Rift support yet.

However, those looking for something to tinker with may run into a problem with the price. The pricing is clearly targeting true developers. The Manus gloves themselves are €1000 ($1062 US), add to that the Manus VR Wrist straps for the Vive Tracker is another €200, and the washing inlay pair (needed to wash the gloves) is another €50 for a total of € 1293 ($1373 US)

The package comes with the Software Development Kid SDK in C++ and C#.

Early adopters of the Manus glove include NASA and MIT.

"Since we started shipping our engineering samples last year, we’ve received an incredible demand for a professional data-glove"

said Stephan van den Brink, CEO at Manus VR.

"Working closely with our early access developers such as NASA, MIT and Cambridge University we were able to enhance our product to an unpreceded level.”

Each glove is powered its own power cell, lasting up to 3-6 hours of extensive use. Final retail pricing and availability are not yet known. Manus will have tough competition from Noitom's Hi5 Glove and we know Oculus are working on gloves as well.