mCable 4K HDMI Gamer Edition Could Improve VR Headset Graphics


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Marseille Inc. is bringing their expertise in TV image processing to the world of gaming and VR. In the world of Home Theater, image processors are nothing new. I for one feed all my TV signals through my Blu-Ray player to take advantage of the Darbee Image processing.

Marseille have incorporated an image processor into the form factor of an HDMI cable. Isn't modern tech fantastic?

Marseille mCable HDMI

Gamer Edition Coming Q2 2017

The gamer edition will differ from the TV orientated version in that the lag times are reduced to 1ms and will support refresh rates of up to 120 Hz. Gaming specific enhancements include:

  • Contextual anti-aliasing: removes jaggies without noticeable blur.
  • Adaptive resolution scaling: scales rendered resolution to match display.
  • High frame rate support: support frame rates up to 1080p120.
  • Sub-1ms lag: Negligible lag.

Contextual Anti-Aliasing (CxAA)

Anti-Aliasing can, of course, be achieved on the GPU. However, it takes up precious GPU cycles and requires a very high-end video card. On the PS4 or XBox, you have no option. Take it or leave it.

The mCable 4K HDMI Gamer Edition has the potential to improve HR headset quality without reducing your frame rate and losing the VR presence. For PSVR owners, this is probably particularly appealing. Some PSVR owners are trying the TV orientated version and praise the ability for it to improve the resulting image.

How good is it?

Here are cropped 480x436 side-by-side comparisons from PS3 and XBox 360 as viewed on an HDTV (Click to zoom)

How much?

As yet, there is no pricing for the gaming edition. However, the HDTV version is priced at $73 on Amazon.

I'll be watching for the mCable 4K HDMI Gamer Edition very carefully with some geeky excitement for what it could bring to gaming and VR.