Medical Training Platform using VR Intervoke


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It’s astounding how much we can learn without having to set foot in a class!  I came across the Intervoke unexpectedly while wandering through the VR section of the Sands expo during CES 2017.  I was lucky enough to snag a couple of minutes of interview time with Intervoke’s Senior VR Engineer Nick Van Dessel.    

Intervoke has developed a VR interactive platform for medical training on the HTC Vive.  At the initial start of the application, users are guided through a training mode with stunning visual content.  At any time, the user can switch to “interactive mode” and chose which areas they want to focus on and learn.  You can even get a GPA at the end of the course for your self-assessment! 

Intervoke has training applications that include “The Physiology of the Eye,” “Heart Blood Flow,” and “The Muscles of the Face.”  They are bringing a whole new level of education to virtual reality for $10 on Viveport!