Microsoft Hololens Developer Edition Available Q1 2016


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In today's Microsoft Windows 10 event Microsoft announced the date for the developer edition of their Hololens AR device.

Hololens developer edition will be released in Q1 2016. How much will Hololens cost?
It will not be cheap at $3,000. Comparing this to the DK2 at $350 there is a large difference cost, why such a gap?
I suspect because the DK2 is a HMD display containing basically a screen and motion tracker. The Hololens is a full-on mobile, wireless computer on your head!

If you're are interested in grabbing a HoloLens, you can start applying today. You can request a maximum of two devices, must reside in the United States or Canada, and participate in the Windows Insider program. If you meet all those requirements you still may or may not be approved. You won't find out until until January 2016. After that, HoloLens will ship sometime in the first quarter of 2016.

Apply for your Developer Edition Hololens

In addition to announcing the date for the developer edition. Microsoft showed off their new Project XRAY where the Hololens user shoots aliens coming out of the walls while holding a hand gun. The gun is a graphical hologram overlaid on top of an actual hand held device which allows Hololens to better track your hand and allows you to really feel like you're holding a gun.

Exciting stuff!