Microsoft Planning VR/AR Headset for $299


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During the Microsoft Surface event today, it was not just all about the massive Surface Studio Desktop. Microsoft discussed plans for their $299 (£245, AU$295) VR/AR headset.

General Manager Megan Saunders said during the event "powerful and affordable VR is coming to you." and then, they announced they are working VR hardware 'accessories' for the upcoming Windows 10 Creator's Edition software update.

Further information was rather scarce. However, from the demo, it seems to be untethered and running Windows 10. It also doesn't appear to be a Microsoft manufactured device; rather the companies will be running the software provided by Microsoft. The slide shows partners such as ACER, ASUS, and Lenovo.

“These headsets will be the first and only to ship with inside-out six-degree-of-freedom sensors,” said Microsoft’s Terry Myerson. “Unlike every other VR headset on the market today, this means there will be zero need for a separate room. Zero need for a complicated setup.”

Perhaps there may be a device at CES in January to play with? VRCircle will be there, so here is hoping Microsoft!