Microsoft Revealing Oculus Rift Rival At E3 2015?



The rumor mill over at Digital Times have found out from an unnamed source that Microsoft may be revealing an Oculus Rift Rival At E3 in 2015?

The sources revealed that the gaming device's development is handled by Microsoft's hardware team, which is also the one in charge of Surface tablet development.

In checking the US patent filings. Back in August 2013, the USPTO published a Microsoft patent for a VR headset that could be used outside. The patent described a number of head-mounted display devices that may include OLED displays, voice interaction, eye-tracking, facial recognition technology, three accelerometers and three gyroscopes to track the head movement. The patent also described using transparent or partially transparent displays.

The headset will supposedly be compatible with not only the Xbox One, but tablets, smartphones and Windows 8.1-based PCs.

Although I expect that Microsoft will unveil its HMD during the E3 2015 press conference, you have to take the DigiTimes report as a rumor at this point.



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