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The Virtual Desktop by Guy Godin is tugging on my Geek glands yet again. Guy has added Oculus Touch and HTC Vive controller support to his highly regarded Virtual Desktop application.

With update 1.2 available on December 6 to coincide with the Oculus touch release, you will be able to use hand gestures to move pointers around the screen, select items, drag them around the screen and zoom in on the text. Typing is possible by bringing up the virtual keyboard, which if you have a Surface Tablet will be familiar, however, nothing beats a real keyboard.

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Watching Movies and Netflix with Virtual Desktop 

Probably the most impressive aspect of Virtual Desktop and one that you can easily impress your friends is the ability to throw any video onto a massive screen. You can choose to watch a movie floating in space with no background or a beautiful nebula background. Perhaps you’re a little traditional? Then try the home theater environment complete with seats and cup holders. 

.MKV Movies in Virtual Desktop

If you watch movies stored in .MKV files. You will first need to install a player; I would recommend VLC Media Player. Once VLC player is installed (no need for additional CODECS), just click and drag your video file into the player and Maximize the window.

Watching Netflix on Virtual Desktop

Netflix is even easier, just bring up Netflix in your browser, maximize the window and enjoy.

Watching 3D Movies in Virtual Desktop

There is just no stopping this app. You can watch 3D movies in Virtual Reality too. Just change the 3D options to whatever the format of the film is. For example, Avatar should be set to Half SBS (Side by side)

Sound Setup

The sound should come from your Oculus Rift headset automatically. Mine switches from my headphones to the Rift as soon as I put on the Rift. However, some users had to change the default headphones to the Rift in the Playback Devices window.

For those who already own the Virtual Desktop, this update is free. Otherwise, you can pick it up for $14.99 from Steam or $13.99 from Oculus home (Not sure why different pricing)