More Dinosaurs Coming to VR with Island 359


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Dinosaurs are fantastic in VR. They are large, scary and loud. It makes sense therefore that developers are targeting this for the first round of VR demos and games.

Oculus have a great demo with a Dinosaur running down a corridor towards you. Developer Crytek is releasing Robinson The Journey as a PSVR exclusive.

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CloudGate Studio’s very first VR release Island 359 is coming to Steam Early Access on August 23. Island 359 is a first-person shooter set on a jungle island fully inhabited by dinosaurs such as Raptors, Allosaurus, Compsognathus, and good old T-Rex. Your mission is simple. Kill as many Dinosaurs as possible and get off the island alive. 

The downside to this Dino killing heaven? The initial release is only for the HTC Vive. Island 359 will be available Tuesday, August 23 for $19.99. 

Download Island 359 from Steam