How To Run Virtual Reality On The Browser


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Last year Mozilla launched an experimental version of Firefox with support for Virtual Reality. When I tried it, it crashed every time and was not worth writing about.

Now support for WebVR also been added to the Firefox’s Nightly and Developer Edition.
Download the Firefox VR Browser

WebVR is an experimental API that makes it easier to connect the browser to virtual reality headsets. 

The new Firefox builds only work with the Oculus Rift at this time via a small plugin. Mozilla says it also plans to add built-in support for Linux, Firefox for Android and Google’s Cardboard.

To be honest. I’m not really sure where Mozilla are going with VR in the browser. They are probably just playing with it, getting the technology ready and hoping some use for it will become apparent. 
If they can pull off a standard library for VR on the web, that would certainly be something. 

You can already use any browser within VR via the Virtual Desktop. Mozilla in this case do provide some interesting demos that run natively within their browser without any additional downloads or installs, which or course is the beauty of the web.
VR Netflix anyone?

You can try some interesting demos such as The Polar Sea 360 degree Video and the Panorama Viewer (shown below) which do run very well without any additional downloads.