Must Be Nice To Be Brendan Iribe


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Being rich, as many people often dream about, sounds like life would be fun. For those who love technology, there are always cool new gadgets to try and buy. But what about if you're Brendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus and you just sold the company you co-founded to Facebook for $2B? Yeah, life is probably pretty good, but how good?

Real Estate Baller

The first thing many people do when large wads of cash arrive is to purchase Real Estate. Brendan is no different, and over the last two years, Brendan has reportedly purchased over $50 million on luxury real estate.

Over $30 Million in Lagana Beach, CA

The Laguna property is on half-acre with stunning 270-degree vistas of the ocean and boasts over 10,800 square feet of living space with 5 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms.

$1.5 Million in Venice Beach, CA

His property in Venice Beach is pretty modest in comparison and shows a very different style. 3 bedrooms and 1.75 baths in just 1,491 square feet of living space in a very colorful package.

$13 Million San Francisco, Atherton, CA

10,885 square foot mansion in the wealthy San Francisco suburb of Atherton, CA.

$7 Million Crescent Park, Palo Alto, CA

3,367 square foot modern Spanish mini-compound in the very expensive “Crescent Park” neighborhood of Palo Alto, CA. 

Just a trip to Best Buy

Today, I was checking out the Magnolia section in the Best Buy in Costa Mesa, California. Costa Mesa is a city next to Irvine where Oculus has an office. I was checking out some speakers when I heard this:

Sales Man: "Can I help you?"

Brendan Iribe: "Do you have the new Sony VPL-GTZ1 4K Short Throw Projector?"

Sales Man: "No, we don't carry that one in stock, it is $50k"

Brendan Iribe: "I'm ready to take one right now"

I turn around to see Brendan Iribe head off to the sales desk, presumably to look into ordering one. For those uninitiated in the world of $50k projectors. The VPL-GTZ1 is a new model arriving soon from Sony which allows the owner to project a 147" image onto a nearby wall from only 7 inches away (Hence the term short throw).

In the world of projectors, it's incredible technology. In my living room, I have a JVC projector hanging from a ceiling on one side and a power screen on the other end of the room. However, the Sony VPL-GTZ1 4K Short Throw Projector allows you to project a large screen anywhere in your living space.

Yeah, it is nice to be Brendan Iribe. Congrats Brendan if you did purchase the Projector, that thing is cool!

On a side note to Best Buy. The Oculus section is hard to spot and needs to be improved.