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My Brother's Keeper 8K 360 Video

360-Degree Video? Check
4k 8K Resolution? Check

So far, all the makings of an excellent quality 360-degree video.

My Brother's Keeper is a Civil War story anchored in historical fact and inspired by the PBS drama series Mercy Street. My Brother's Keeper tells the story of two estranged brothers who, fighting on opposing sides of the Civil War, unexpectedly reunite on the battlefield at Antietam.

PBS hired two independent filmmakers with experience in VR, Connor Hair and Alex Meader so that the entire film crew was not filmed alongside the actors!

The quality, especially if you have the bandwidth for the 8K video is some of the best I have seen so far. However, to draw the attention of the viewer to the correct spot. The filmmakers blurred part of the image attempting to make it look like smoke. At first, though, I thought it was a mistake until I figured out what they were going for.

VR 360-video is still very early days. As filmmakers learn more and experiment with new techniques, the future will be awesome!

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