​Natural History Museum - David Attenborough VR Experience



Growing up in the UK I am very familiar with the work of David Attenborough, oh I’m sorry, and it’s Sir David Attenborough.

Sir David Attenborough’s talent is making wild life cinematography make you feel like you’re actually there. Whether it is watching a Cheetah chase its kill in Africa or following a desert mouse escaping an Eagle in the American Southwest. It only makes sense then that Sir David would venture into the world of VR.

First Life was originally a 2010 British nature documentary series written and presented by Sir David Attenborough. Sir David has worked with Samsung, Atlantic Productions and VR specialist Alchemy VR to bring First Life literally to Life in a 15 minute presentation at the Natural History Museum in London.

The hardware that powers the exhibition is the latest iteration of Samsung's Gear VR, the Innovator Edition using the latest Galaxy S6 hardware. There's a separate pair of headphones to provide the audio, linked to the headset.

The Galaxy S6 has a resolution of 2560x1440 with the Gear VR providing a 96 degree field of view (FOV). Although it is not photorealistic it is a little better than the previous generation of Gear VR with pixels visible but far reduced.

Delving into more technical details. Typical 1080p movies lasting around 1.5 – 2 hours with DTS sound average anywhere from 9-12 GB. This short 15 minute VR experience is around 5GB. The file is compressed using high efficiency video coding, but there was a balance to be struck on saving on bandwidth and quality when playing the film through VR.

Enjoy the video below for a sneak peak on what you can expect if you're in the London Area and if you're, then tickets are only £6.50 (Around $10)

For those who are not so familiar or perhaps not sure of his work. I would highly recommend the excellent Planet Earth series.



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