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Neurable working on Virtual Reality brain-computer interface for HTC Vive

Neurable is working on integrating a brain-interface into the HTC Vive allowing developers to create brain-controlled content for VR (Virtual Reality).

Imagine being able to throw away your controllers and control AR or VR with just your mind?

Michael Thompson, VP Neurable, likens the experience to a scene from Star Wars:

"You awake hanging upside down in a snowy cave to discover a hungry Wampa has captured you. Sighting your light saber lying just out of reach, you calm yourself, concentrate, and summon the power of the force to grab your weapon. You cut yourself free just in time to slay the fearsome predator."

Neurable Brain-Interface

Neurable brain interface

Neurable develops brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) for next-generation computing platforms. The Neurable technology allows people to interact with AR/VR environments using only their brain activity.

The benefits of a BCI in mixed reality are endless. BCIs analyze patterns of brain activity to determine user intent. This tech is already capable of typing on virtual keyboards and controlling prosthetic limbs, entirely from brain activity.

The ideal solution is a brain-computer interface would allow users to scroll menus, select items, launch applications, manipulate objects, and even input text using only their brain activity.

Neurable HTC Vive Brain-Interface

Neurable HTC Vive Brain-Interface

Shown at SIGGRAPH 2017 in Los Angeles. Neurable debuted Awakening, a VR game preview made in partnership with eStudiofuture. Awakening is a futuristic story reminiscent of Stranger Things: you are a child held a prisoner in a government science laboratory.

In the game, you discover that experiments have endowed you with telekinetic powers. The game allows you to manipulate objects and battle foes with just your mind, no need for handheld controllers.

This experience is made possible by Neurable’s machine learning platform. Made available to developers in an SDK. The platform interprets your brain activity in real time to afford virtual powers of telekinesis. The Neurable SDK is compatible with Unity® where developers can easily integrate brain-activity as a control input into any game.

The signals from the brain are gathered via an upgraded headband for the HTC Vive. Just remove the elastic straps in the back and replace them with the Neurable straps.

The Neurable solution is a demonstration prototype of how brain sensors and neurotechnology can be integrated with AR/VR devices. The future for AR/VR is very bright indeed.