New Alien Isolation Mode MotherVR for Oculus Rift


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Thanks to a user by the name of Nibre on Github, we now have a new VR Alien Isolation mod by the name of MotherVR.

The MotherVR mod will run on the Oculus Rift CV1 and DK2 with HTC Vive support coming soon.

How to Install MotherVR

  1. Download and unzip the MotherVR mod
  2. Drag the dxgi.dll into your Alien Isolation game folder.
  3. Startup videos don't show properly in the headset. To remove the intro videos. Delete/rename AMD_IDENT.USM, CA_IDENT.USM and FOX_IDENT.USM found in the DATA\UI\MOVIES folder

If you'd like to disable the mod (so you can switch back to play it in regular 2D), add -novr in the Launch Options in Steam

Known Issues MotherVR

  • No snap turning (only smooth turning for now)
  • Game window will show solid black, even though the game does show in the headset. You can use OculusMirror.exe for watching/recording with in the meantime (located in Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics)
  • Some Menu UI can appear off-screen (they still work though, so you might just have to memorize some buttons for now)
  • Interactive objects position you a little too closely, so it can be hard to focus on them. For now, closing one eye, or temporarily adjusting the IPD downward, can help.
  • Audio playback doesn't change automatically, so you'll have to set Rift Headphones as default playback device
  • Can't close the game through the Oculus Overlay, so you'll have to close it through the Main Menu or Windows Desktop
  • Reset orientation stays relative to your tracking space forward angle, so you'll notice during first-person sequences that it will jump your rotation back to 'tracking space' forward
  • Major graphical changes that require re-initialization will crash (like changing from Windowed etc.). The setting will still change, you'll just have to relaunch before seeing the effects

Note: This Mod now supersedes the previous file modification for Alien Isolation.