New Oculus Headset Code-named Monterey Coming at F8 Conference?


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The Oculus Rift has only been around a little over a year, and now the rumors are starting to swirl that a new headset may be on the way and heading for some announcement during the Facebook Conference F8. F8 kicks off on April 18 thru 19.

We already know that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed last October that Oculus was working on a standalone VR headset to combine some of the higher-end features of the Oculus Rift with the portability of the mobile Gear VR headset. At the time he said, “We believe that there is a sweet spot between these."

During the event, Facebook showed off an early prototype code-named “Santa Cruz." However, according to a source to Variety, they have learned that the Oculus team has since been working on a newer version with an internal code name for the prototype called “Monterey.”

Uncountably, little is known about the device. Facebook are remaining very tight lipped.