Nokia Announces OZO Virtual Reality (VR) Camera



Nokia have been rumored to be announcing a new product for a while now. Those of you hoping for an new VR headset, sorry, it's not that. Today however Nokia announced a new VR camera called OZO. This will join the likes of the latest VR camera Neo from JauntVR.

Is the Nokia OZO anything new or more of the same? 

The official specification will not be announced until this fall. Currently the resolution is said to be up to 2k x 2k resolution. The OZO camera captures stereoscopic 3D video through eight synchronized global shutter sensors and spatial audio through eight integrated microphones. 

Software built for OZO enables real-time 3D viewing which allows the video producer to view results immediately without waiting for post production stitching of the video. The video preview is lower resolution however but certainly a step forward from today's VR cameras.

Interestingly. Jaunt is not in direct competition with Nokia. In fact they are partnering with them:

Also today, Palo Alto-based VR production company Jaunt Inc. announced a commitment to support OZO, both by offering the camera for use in Jaunt Studios and by supporting content produced with OZO through its post-production services. Jaunt is the leading developer of the hardware, software, tools, and applications to enable the creation of cinematic VR. Through its studio arm, Jaunt Studios, the company works with leading creatives ­­- from brands to artists to filmmakers ­­- to create cutting-edge content.

This is all well and good but really I look forward to the day when I can jump on over to Amazon and order one of these for myself, all without spending many thousands of dollars.



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