NVIDIA Brings VR To Regular Games With Auto Stereo Feature


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Before Virtual Reality there were a number of 3D technologies. NVidia's technology is 3D Vision which I tried a few times on my 3D TV and worked pretty well. It only makes sense that NVIDIA would apply this somewhat similar technology to VR since fundamentally, the rendering technologies of 3D Vision and VR are extremely similar: 2 slightly different images displayed in such a way to create a 3D dimensional effect.
NVIDIA have developed Auto Stereo, which will convert 3D Vision-compatible games into VR experiences, with mouse and keyboard commands mapped to VR inputs like head movement, similar to Gamepad Mapper on NVIDIA SHIELD devices, which maps touch and motion inputs to physical controls. Auto Stereo will be delivered automatically through GeForce Experience.
Anyone with a NVIDIA GeForce 970/980 GTX will be able to try this when the driver is updated to support the feature. As of yet, I've been unable to obtain a date from NVIDIA.
What will this mean to VR drivers such as the VIREio driver? Both provide limited list of games so plenty of room for both in the market. Together you will have a wider range of games for VR.

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