Nvidia GTX 1080 Not Fast Enough? Nvidia Titan X Is Coming


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The Nvidia 1080 just launched on May 6 along with the GTX 1070 shortly after that. Nvidia is not resting after those launches, the daddy of them all is coming, known as the Nvidia Titan X.

For the first time in a consumer graphics cards, a single GPU could deliver 11 TFLOPS of floating point performance. The new Titan X boasts 3584 CUDA cores, which is 500 more than the previous Titan X, operating at 1530MHz. The Pascal-based Titan X is now the biggest GPU ever built. Nvidia claims it is 60 percent faster than the previous-generation Titan X. 

The new Titan X retains the same 12GB of memory. However, the new card includes 12GB of Micron’s GDDR5X memory. If you were hoping for HBM2, that might have to wait for the next, next generation!

Is there bad news? Well, of course, the price. The Titan X will be available starting August 2 in the US and Europe for a whopping $1,200.