NVidia Maxwell Target VR with Direct VR and Asynchronous Time Warp



One of the performance killers in VR is the dreaded latency (time from when you move your head to when you see it on the screen)

Why is this? To achieve good performance with the current DK2 you need 75 frames per second, per eye, at 960x1080 resolution.

This requires a pretty beefy video card. With current technology the latency is around 50ms. NVidia with their Maxwell based cards (GTX 980 for example) are claiming to have reduced this to 25ms.

For those of you who love SLI, you're going to love SLI with Maxwell. The Maxwell driver will use each card to render the image for each eye. Not sure how tri-sli would fair however...

For video card manufactures this is going to be a great way to differentiate their technology which just means better tech for us!
If the Oculus CV1 (Consumer version 1) is 
1440p based on current rumors then I suspect NVIDIA will be receiving more of my money in exchange for a pair of GTX 980s. GTX 780 anyone?



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