NVIDIA To Announce New VR Device at GDC 2015?



Hot on the heels of the VR announcement from Valve at GDC 2015. it is rumored that NVIDIA will be revealing their own VR Hardware at GDC 2015, possibly named Titan VR.

When you think about what NVIDIA has done with their Shield Tablet. Essentially allowing you to play a fully fledged PC game on your tablet. This would make sense they may extend the concept for use in a VR headset.

NVIDIA has already released their Direct VR and Asynchronous Time Warp as well as their Auto Stereo features into their video cards. So why would they stop at just supporting VR headsets from other companies?

The GDC schedule already includes events from NVIDIA such as VR Direct: How NVIDIA Technology Is Improving the VR Experience but that does not appear to be a terribly catchy marketing term for a brand new VR device announcement. During CES 2015 they had similar sounding events.
Once thing is for certain. March is certainly going to be an exciting month for Virtual Reality.



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