New Oculus Rift Controller(s)

Oculus have partnered with Microsoft and their XBox One Wireless Controller to provide in-game control for games where a controller makes the most sense. Apparently the controller and an adapter will be included in the Rift package.

However the most exciting part of today's announcement is the Oculus Touch which uses the new Constellation tracking system added to the rift along with two new hand held controllers to help track full 360-degree movement.
The Oculus Touch controllers will allow you to reach out and manipulate objects in the VR space. Oculus Rift will still differ from the HTC Vive in that it is still "intended" as a seated experience.

Oculus User Interface (All without removing the Headset)

So once you're in the Oculus Rift how is it controlled?
Oculus Home will be first thing you see when you put on the Oculus Rift. You'll be able to use the Oculus Touch or XBox controllers to manipulate the menus all within VR without removing the headset.  You'll also be able to see 
your friends and join them in the game.

VR Games

New VR games announced today include:

  • VR Sports Challenge (Inside the helmet of an Ice Hockey Player)
  • AirMechVR
  • Lucky's Tale
  • Esper
  • Chronos
All these games and more will be available for demo at E3 next week. Keep posted for reviews during E3!



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