Oculus Delayed 0.7 SDK For Another Week



Oculus was scheduled to release the 0.7 SDK update today August 20th. However in a recent Tweet Oculus stated the release will be delayed until next week. Which of course could be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

VR fans can continue waiting. Of course the big wait is Q1 2016 :-)

0.7 is a major release of the PC SDK: it includes architecture changes that bring increased stability and more reliable low-latency performance across recommended hardware through a new, more robust ‘Direct Driver Mode’.

However, as a result of these underlying changes, the 0.7 runtime won’t support applications built with SDK 0.5 or earlier, including all current content built with Unity 4.x. This means the majority of existing Rift-ready games and applications will need to be updated to 0.7 or to work with the new runtime.

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