Oculus Does Not Discriminate Between NVIDIA or AMD



Oculus demos have previously been powered by NVIDIA GPUs (as far as we know).

Falcon Northwest Tiki boxes with GTX 980 were the machines of choice. At GDC they expanded that list to include the NVIDIA Titan X to show off the Thief in the Shadows demo.
It appears Oculus does not discriminate based on GPU manufacturer as some of their latest demos at GDC are powered by AMD hardware, not just NVIDIA.

At least some of the demo machines driving the Crescent Bay at GDC, include an unannounced Radeon R9 flagship ultra-enthusiast product. 
The demo in question (which sources have confirmed) is Showdown developed with the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). The Showdown demo features a slow-motion Matrix style graphical orgy with flying bullets, rockets and exploding cars that roll over you.

This certainly makes sense that Oculus with utilize AMD hardware given AMDs push into Virtual Reality with their recently announced LiquidVR.

I look forward to benchmarking both AMD and NVIDIA hardware when it becomes available. All the GPU review sites will need to add additional VR benchmarks to include VR targeted tests. Most recently I’ve been a “NVIDIA person” after being burned by ATI drivers in the past.

Let the best GPU win!



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