Oculus Hiring Manager of Asia Hardware Manufacturing - 90 Day Plan



VRCircle yesterday posted the latest rumor regarding the Fall 2015 release of the Oculus Rift Consumer Version

As further circumstantial evidence of this release. Oculus are actively hiring for a Manager of Asia Hardware Manufacturing located in Hong Kong (Great city to visit if you've not)

Browsing through the responsibilities of the position. Take note of the 3rd to last bullet point "Prepare an initial quality plan for the consumer product, and document a 90-day risk-mitigation plan"

  • Standardize the hardware quality assurance monitoring processes at all key supplier factories, and its automated information feed into Oculus VR’s central dashboards.
  • Coordinate QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews) with key suppliers to review quality performance and improvement plans.
  • Support Global Sourcing team with gathering and publishing supply base dashboards and metrics regarding quality performance.
  • Identify, source and recruit local hardware quality engineering team.
  • Achieve deep knowledge of product BOM and critical component sources.
  • Identify risks and countermeasures to the consumer product launch plan of record.
  • Prepare an initial quality plan for the consumer product, and document a 90-day risk-mitigation plan.
  • Create a standard factory quality audit template, and corrective action (8D) template.
  • Become the regional power-user for OculusVR PDM (Product Data Management) system.
Essentially when this person is hired their first task will be to create an initial QA plan to ensure the product meets the necessary quality standards. Risk mitigation plans can vary by company culture. In essence this means during a 90 day build/QA period create a list of risks of items that may go wrong and possible solutions to those problems.
Since Oculus have been selling their DK2 devices for a while now there would be no need for this position unless they were ramping up to start production of the Oculus Rift Consumer Version.
After this week's announcement from Microsoft of their HoloLens Headset my VR glands are tingling!



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