Oculus Quill Lives on with the Facebook Social Team


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Quill was originally built as an internal production tool for the VR film Dear Angelica. After Oculus announced the closing of Oculus Story studio back in May. Quill was also expected to fade away over time as no more updates were to be provided. However, the Facebook social team continue to work on Quill and release updates to Quill.

In the latest release. The team have added UX and performance improvements. The Gallery has four new featured Quillustrations. The 360 mono and stereo image import will enable artists to bring in 360 images that could be used as matte paintings. With 3D sound support, you can now spacialize audio by placing the sound sources in 3D space as a regular wave or ambisonic sound files. The colorizer has a new opacity mode with which you can change the opacity of existing strokes.

List of new Quill features:

  • Added 360 mono and stereo image import (with transparencies) in both equirect and cubemap formats
  • Added 3D sound
  • Added Opacity blend mode
  • New gallery Quillustrations
  • Fixed Line tool
  • Fixes to FBX exporter
  • Fixes to precision for expansive drawings
  • More accurate color picking and autograb
  • Joystick left/right is undo and redo
  • Joystick up/down is new layer and merge layer
  • Several other UX improvements
  • Several other general fixes

To celebrate the update, the team released a new video by Goro Fujita, called “Left Brain - Right Brain”